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Games Design & IT

Games Design & IT

Eat, sleep, play, repeat, eat, sleep, play, repeat…how would you like to turn your love of video games into a career? From Candy Crush to Assassin’s Creed the gaming industry is worth billions and a career in this sector could see you developing and designing platform games, first-person shooters, driving games, strategy games and more.

Your passion for gaming can lead to an exciting and varied career that could see you creating the environments, stories and characters that will star in tomorrow’s computer games and animated films. If you want to understand more about the gaming market, how games are developed and how they appeal to customers then this course is ideal for you. Each and every video game that appears on the market has been developed, designed and rigorously tested by a team of gaming experts before it’s released to the general public.

If you want a career in this sector you could be working on games for PCs, consoles, mobile phones or tablets and may be tasked with making a game that can be played across a range of different platforms, or that can be played over the internet.

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Games Design